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We will analyze your website, and let you know how it could be improved in areas of SEO, mobile-responsiveness, and overall site structure. You will hear from us within 24 hours with options for moving forward.

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SEO Services

Get your website found on search engines.

It’s like ground control for your business.

At Earthbased Media, we implement SEO best practices on all our websites and offer extensive SEO services to make sure that your website doesn’t get lost in cyber space.  

SEO helps you get found by people who are searching for your particular product or service, or searching for something like your product or service. 

Search engines are designed to give their end user, the searcher, the best possible and most reliable results, so that they'll keep coming back to use their search engine to explore cyber space.

One way they quickly weed out good business from bad business or good results from bad results, is how well your site is in compliance with their SEO rules.  

Making investments in your SEO shows Google and other search engines that you have made an investment in your business and their internet crawling robots (think The Matrix) are more likely to scan you as a good result.  

There is a long list of criteria that will lower your site’s score within Google’s search algorithm, and here are a few of them:

  • Non responsive web design (having an unfriendly mobile site)
  • Text that is unreadable or pictures that are unclear without zooming or scrolling (text should be perfectly readable for users before they touch their screen upon arriving at a site on a mobile device)
  • Incorrectly optimized images that may load slowly on cellular data connections
  • Small or hard-to-press buttons or links
  • Unplayable content (such as Flash video on iPhone)
  • Pop-ups that block page content

If we designed your website, it will already be built with SEO best practices. If not, we will take a look at what you’re dealing with and provide you with a review of your site.

When you work with us, we focus on building out your web presence so you can take over the search terms for your industry.

SEO Services

SEO can be a complicated business with many contributing factors. Here are some of the things we offer for search engine optimization. We offer risk-free month-by-month contracts.

Free Website Audit & Report
On-page Optimization
Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis
Content Writing
Inbound Link Tracking
Meta Tag Optimization

Love Stories


“I’m an idea man, not a design man. I knew the business I wanted to run, but I had no idea how it should look. I am so happy with the results. Working with Earthbased was so easy, and my business is growing every day."


"Earthbased Media just recently rebranded my company's website. They completely transformed our layout, format, overall style and created an elevated client experience. Our website is 100 times more user-friendly, and within 2 days of the new site being launched our inquiries increased significantly."


"Earthbased Media did an awesome job getting my new company website designed and up and running within the time-frame promised! Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Excellent  results and I highly recommend their services!"

Free Website Audit

We will analyze your website, and let you know how it could be improved, and what your options are moving forward together.

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