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We were tasked with creating a modern website that would accurately portray the unique abilities of Photos In A Minute. What resulted was a massive campaign over the course of several years, involving rebranding, photography, video production, and website updates.


Scott has been in business with Photos In A Minute since 2001. On the cutting edge of digital cameras, Scott developed an experiential marketing agency offering print-on-site and digital delivery green screen photos to large brands such as HBO, ABC, National Geographic, and ComicCon. The photos were able to print and/or be sent to email within a minute (a major feat for the time)

As Scott’s business grew, so did the competition. By mid-2012, other photo marketing agencies were flashing beautiful new websites, and Scott’s was out-of-date. That is when our relationship with Photos In A Minute began.  

We started with a full audit of the current Photos In A Minute site. The site was heavily bloated with slow loading times and poor SEO, loading entirely in a Macromedia Flash window. The site was not mobile-responsive, and was losing potential visitors because of it. 

After months of designing, revisions, and refining, we launched the new site, but looking back on his old site, both of us agreed that this project may never be “complete”. the internet is constantly changing, and competitors will always be launching new sites to compete. It becomes impossible to keep up! 

So we decided to take a growth-driven approach to Photos In A Minute, carefully measuring user behavior and flow, and adjusting the website over time to reflect these actions. 

Photos In A Minute needed to quickly generate website visitors, as well as collect leads. We created a website that did both, and well. The business was able to increase web traffic by over 300%, as well as land some activations with major brands and professional sports clients. We continue to work closely with Photos In A Minute on their website design and marketing strategies. 

An early design of the Photos In A Minute website




  • Web Design and Development
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Video Production
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