Doga Towels

Web Design / E-commerce / Brand / Social


Doga needed a beautiful and responsive website with custom online storefront and Shopify e-commerce integration. They also needed a coherent brand style guide to maintain consistent colors and graphics across all products.

  • Provide a way for customers to discover and purchase the product online through a custom shopping cart portal
  • Create a sense of consistency around the brand image
  • Organize both photographic and video assets for social sharing on Facebook and Instagram
  • Track and provide analytics reports


Doga Towels are cleaner than all other towels. They have antimicrobial properties and therefore do not foster mold or mildew. They are completely organic and retail for $65 each. Other important features of the towel are; they are fast drying and because of their antimicrobial nature do not need to be washed as often as other towels. They are also less bulky than normal towels and take up less space in gym bags and linen closets. 

Content Creation: Brand Photography 

Doga is an ideal towel for a mom who is concerned with feeding her kids organic foods, uses chemical free cleaning products and uses towels excessively, most likely has a pool or lives on the water.  This photoshoot was to appeal to this particular Doga buyer.  

Content Creation: Social Media Assets 

Content Creation: Website Assets 


  • Web Design and Development
  • Shopify e-Commerce Integration
  • Original Website Assets
  • Social Media Management & Asset Creation
  • Photography
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